Pistola 4 Ribs

CODE 1004


Consists of a 4 rib hindquarter, after the removal of the flank and the portion of plate corresponding to the last 4 ribs. Made up of the following cuts: striploin, fillet/ tenderloin, rump, knuckle, topside/inside, eyeround, flat, leg of beef and shank. embraces the dorsolumbar, sacral-coxal, femoral and tarsal-tibial regions.

After the flank has been removed, a longitudinal cut is made along the external edge of the ribs. This cut shall be made parallel to the backbone, at a distance of 25, 50 or 75 mm., measured from the lateral end of the ribeye (m. Longissimus dorsi). The backbone should be transversely severed between 9 thand 10 th dorsal vertebrae.

Halves of the last 4 dorsal vertebrae and vertebral portion of the corresponding ribs, the 6 lumbar vertebrae, sacrum, first 2 caudal vertebrae, os coxae, femur, tibia and tarsal bones.