Brisket 10 Ribs

CODE 2312 2323


Located in the sternal region, bordering on the shin and dorsally on the rib cage in the cranial area.

From a forequarter (item 1002), a longitudinal saw cut is made from the 10 ht to 1 ts rib at a distance of 75 mm, measured from the sternal rib ends, separating the brisket from the rib cage by this procedure. Sternum, rib ends and corresponding cartilage is removed.

Sternum, sternal end of 1st to 10th ribs and corresponding sternal cartilages.

The corresponding portion of m. Pectoralis superficialis, m. Pectoralis profundus, m. Rectus thoracis, m. Serratus ventralis thoracis and m. Intercostalis.