CODE 2463 2010


Its name can either be topside or inside, depending on the customers requirements. It is located caudal/medial to the femur in the femoral region, cranially bordering the knuckle, dorsally the rump and the outside in the caudal and lateral areas.

Topside/inside may be obtained from a bone in round (item 1007). In order to prepare this cut, it is necessary to separate it from the knuckle and the outside by cutting through the natural seams. Bones are removed by cutting the muscles attachments to the pubic bone, femur and tibialtuberosity. Fat excess and remains of connective of connective tissue are trimmed off.

It consists of the ischium, pubic bone, femur and proximal epiphysis of the tibia.

On a superficial level, from cranial to caudal, the m. Sartorius and m. Gracilis can be observed. On a deeper level, and from cranial to caudal, there are the m. Pectineus, m. Adductor femoris and m. Semimembranosus.