Rump and Tail of Rump

CODE 2455 2090


This cut obtained from the haunch borders cranially the striploin and tenderloin, the flank in the cranial / ventral area the outside in the caudal / lateral area the topside in the caudal edge of the femoral region and ventrally the knuckle.

From a rump and loin bone in (item 1005) and after the tenderloin has been excised, the backbone is transversely severed at lumbar - sacral joint level, separating the loins from the rump. Cutting separates the mass of muscles from its insertions in the sacrum, sacrum-sciatic and sacrum-iliacus ligaments and the gluteus surface of the ilium. Finally trimming and dressing operations are carried out.

Os coxae (aitch bone), sacrum, 1 st and 2 nd coccygeal vertebrae.

It consists of the mass of muscles covering the pelvic region namely m. Gluteus medius, m. Gluteus profundus, m. Tensor fascia latae and the dorsal portion of m. Bíceps femoris.