CODE 2306 2280


It is located in the cervical region, and borders caudally the chuck and ventrally the shin.

A cut is made through the 7th cervical vertebrae and the 1st dorsal vertebrae, continuing by a knife-made-cut along the blade bone cranial edge reaching the proximal epiphysis of the humerus, separating the shin. Bones, cartilage, exposed tendons and ligamentum nuchae are removed. As an alternative, the cervical portion of m. Trapezius may be removed.

1st to 7thcervical vertebrae.

M. Trapezius cervicalis, m. Scalenus, m. Rectus capitis dorsalis, m. Omohioedeus, m. Longus colli, m. Serratus cervicis, m. Splenius, m. Complexus, m. Rhomboideus, m. Brachiocephalicus, m. Sternocephalicus, m. Omotransversarius.