Heart of Shoulder Clod

CODE 2307B


This cut is derived from the shoulder clod (item 2307A) and is made up of the distal muscles of the clod, located in the angle existing between the posterior edges of the scapula and the humerus.

After the proximal muscles of the clod (m. Trapezius, m. Deltoideus, m. Latissimus dorsi, m. Infraspinatus) have been removed a cut is made along the caudal edge of the blade bone and the humerus to separate the cuts muscular component from the bones. The operation is completed by cutting their insertion to the olecranon.

Blade bone and scapular cartilage, humerus, radius and ulna.

M. Triceps brachii long head, m. Triceps brachii lateral head, m. Triceps brachii medial head and m. Tensor fasciae antibrachiae.