Shoulder Clod

CODE 2307 2300/02/03/10


It is located in the scapular region and in the brachial region as well, limited in the dorsal/medial area by the chuck, ventrally by the shin and brisket, in the cranial area by the neck and in the caudal area by the rib cage (plate). The shoulder clod is a large mass of muscles that lies dorsal, posterior of the elbow joint, ventral, and posterior of the ridge of the scapula and is anterior to the 6th rib.

Made up of scapula and scapular cartilage, humerus, ulna and proximal epiphysis of the radius.

Trapezius, deltoideus, latissimus, dorsi, infraspinatus, triceps brachii (long head, lateral head and medial head), anconeus internus, anconeus externs, teres major and tensor de la fasciae antebrachii