CODE 2462


This cut is located in the fore part of the femoral region, bordering cranially on the tail of rump, caudally and laterally on the outside, internally on the topside and in the dorsal area on the rump.

This cut may be prepared from a bone in round (item 1007). The tail of rump (m. Tensor fasciae latae), when adhered to the round, is removed by cutting through the natural seams. Outside and topside are separated also by cutting through the intermuscular connective tissue. Bones are removed after severing the muscle attachments to the ilium, femur and patella.

It comprises the ilium, femur and patella.

It consists of the m. Rectus femoris, m. Vastus medialis, m. Vastus lateralis and m. Vastus intermedius, which jointly make up the m. Cuadriceps femoris.