Short Loin / Short Cut

CODE 1011 1550


It is located in the dorsal lumbar region. It is made up of the striploin and the tenderloin.

The backbone is sawn transversely at the lumbar -sacral joint and between the 9th and 10th dorsal vertebrae as well. Then, a longitudinal cut is made parallel to the backbone at a distance of 25, 50 or 75mm from the external edge of the ribeye, depending on specifications.

Halves of the 10th to 13th dorsal vertebrae and corresponding ends of the spinal ribs and halves of the 6 lumbar vertebrae.

M. Longissimus dorsi, m. Spinalis dorsi, m. Multifidi dorsi, m. Iliocostalis, m. Serratus dorsalis caudalis, m. Intercostalis, m. Psoas major, m. Psoas minor and m. Psoas iliacus.