Cube Roll or Ribeye Roll 4 Ribs

CODE 2304A 2241


This cut may either be called cube roll or ribeye roll, depending on the buyer´s requirement. It is located in the dorsal region, having the same borders and skeletal references as the spencer roll (item 2301).

The basic procedures are the same as those used to obtain the spencer roll, except for the further removal of m. Intercostalis and m. Levatores costarum as well as of superficial flat muscles, namely m. Trapezius thoracis and m. Latissimus dorsi. Therefore only the muscles mentioned as muscular components remain in the piece. M. Iliocostalis may be retained or removed.


M. Longissimus dorsi, m. Multifidi dorsi, m. Spinalis dorsi and m. Iliocostalis.